Ark Angels Upcoming…..

4 Responses to Upcoming…

  1. Cameron Beatty says:

    Do you have any female puppies available? If so, how much are they? Thanks

  2. stacy stergio says:

    Thank you for all of your help . It is clear how much all your dogs are loved.

    • Jaja says:

      Hi,My son Jeff Lingo recently phrsuaced a lab puppy from you and I just love him. We just lost our 11 yr old Golden Retreiver and our home is very lonely. Jeff told us about Sasha (I think she is the one) and I am wondering how old she is, how much does she weigh and anything else you might tell me. My husband and I have always had a dog or two and would like to rescue our next one.I’ll await to hear from you.Thank you.Gail Lingo

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